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6 Ways to Get the Best Results from MIG Welders

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There is no denying that Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welders are a great tool for welding. The all-in-one process make MIG welding one of the most convenient welding options.

MIG Welding is basically an automatic or semi-automatic process that uses electrode-based welding equipment to fuse two metals together. This technique is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different alloys and metals. However, this technique requires superior skills and cannot be carried out without proper training and precautions. The MIG welding equipment is a lot more different and complicated to install and requires a constant flow of gas and a source of direct current to be operated.

The MIG Welders spend a considerable time of their day near molten or heated metal. Therefore, extensive retraining and a secure environment are required to make the most out of your welding process.

Below are a few tips, following which will help you take your MIG welding operation to another level and guarantee that the welder knows how to stay safe and secure.

1.Know How To Stay Safe

While welding, you are exposed to electric shocks, fumes, noise, heat and other hazards of welding process. So, it is highly recommended that you wear fully-covered overalls, welding helmets and gloves that can fully cover your exposed skin. Similarly, use leather footwear that can cover your entire foot and provide you with the maximum protection possible.

Ultimately, make sure that you work with enough ventilation as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and keep a check on material safety data sheets for all the used metals.

2.Research Well Before You Use Your Equipment

Before you start with your welding process, it is advised that you research well online or get in touch with a reliable filler metal manufacturer. This will help you understand the recommended practices for the specific wire. This will not only enlighten you about the manufacturer's recommendations about the wire diameter but also give you an idea about the amperage, wire feed speed, voltage and also about the most well-matched shielding gas.

Also, as a general thumb rule, lesser wire stick out develops a better arc flow and low-voltage penetration. So, make sure that the stick out length is the minimum allowable for the application.

3.Choose the Best Quality Consumables 

Consumables have a significant impact on the quality of the weld and its productivity. The sign of a good quality consumable is that it provides a greater contact area between the gas diffuser and the contact tip. This provides a secure locking mechanism that keeps the contact tip and the diffuser attached together. This feature of good consumable results in diminishing problems related to irregular electrical transfer, which is a major source of suspension in the welding process.

Also, to avoid spatter to build up on the weld, make sure that you use needle nose pliers or other devices that can remove spatter interruptions in weld defects and shielding gas flow.

4.Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your MIG Gun and Consumables

Checking and inspecting your MIG gun and consumables regularly will ensure that the bore of the contact tip is not excessively worn out and also guarantee that the shielding gas is not hindered by the spatter. Regular inspection and maintenance does not take more than 10-15 minutes on a daily basis but saves up to approximately 1700 Australian Dollars per year on an average.

Reworking, on the other hand, takes up several hours and even increases the non-production costs. Thus, it is advised to carry out regular maintenance and not cause the company to fall behind any product deadlines.

5.Make Sure You Select The Correct Drive Roll and Tension Setting

To feed your weld wire effectively it is important to select appropriate drive rolls and the correct tension setting. Because the flux-cored wire is softer, it requires a knurled drive roll that has the required teeth or knobs to drag the wire and help it push through. But, in case of solid wire, make sure that you do not use knurled drive because the knobs might cause the shavings to break off, which, in turn will lead to clogs in the liner.

Thus, when you are feeding the wire, make sure that you set a proper drive roll tension and always keep the gun as straight as possible. Also, try to avoid curling the cable as it could lead to poor welding.

6.Use the Correct Contact Tip Recess For The Application

Contact tips have a major effect on the MIG welding process. Contact tip recess is equally important as it is responsible for transferring the welding current to the wire. A correct contact tip recess position can improve the welding efficiency and ensures good weld results by reducing porosity, excessive spatter and insufficient penetration.

Though the ideal position of a contact tip recess varies according to the application, the general rule states that as the current increases, the contact tip recess should also increase.

Similar to any other process, welding is also a process that requires significant time and practice. Following the above-mentioned steps and using the best quality welding equipment will help you achieve the desired results. Thus, if you are looking for premium quality welding supplies in Melbourne, Lotos Technology Australia should be the definite choice for you. We offer industrial and commercial welders for sale and offer labour warranty for all our products.

Thus, get a perfect weld with our welding equipment in Melbourne. Call us at 03 5900 5556 for more information.

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