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Gasless MIG Welder vs. Gas MIG Welder

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Gasless MIG Welder vs. Gas MIG Welder

Welding is basically a fabrication method that is about joining two metals or thermoplastics by causing amalgamation or blending of the two. This is done by melting the parts or adding a filler to form a weld pool, which, when cooled becomes a very sturdy joint. This is different to other processes like soldering which does not involve melting a metal but melts a material to form a bond between them.

Welding is a skilled operation and requires several safety precautions to avoid shocks, eye damage, fumes, etc. There are a number of structural steel and welding trader workers and welding supplies in Melbourne. And thus, for finding out quality welders for sale, Melbourne is the place to be.

MIG Welding is one of the easiest processes of welding but it would give results only when used with the right type of welder. The two main welding processes include Gas MIG welder and Gasless MIG welder.

Gas vs. Gasless MIG welder

As the name suggests, the gas MIG welder needs extra shielding gas to operate while the gasless MIG welder does not. A gasless MIG welder uses a flux cored wire that is supported on a tubular wire feed. It uses vapour-forming compounds that provide a gas shield which in turn protects against oxidation.

Let's have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of gasless and gas MIG welders

We will discuss some factors which will help you in deciding whether you should go for a gasless MIG welding or a gas MIG welding:

  • Convenience

A gasless MIG welder is lighter and portable to carry. Also, you would not need to clean and shine the surface before welding when using a gasless MIG welder as flux here enables you to weld through rusted, painted or galvanized surface with much ease. Thus considering these factors, it is a better choice for industrial projects as there is no need of gas.

  • Outdoor Usage

A gasless MIG welder does not require any external shielding gas and thus can be used as a very convenient option when welding outside. Also, for locations with extreme weather conditions, a gasless MIG welder would be appropriate as there is no requirement of external gas tanks and the loss of gas can affect the quality of the weld. So, if you're welding outside, opting for a gasless MIG welder would be a better bet.

  • Welding Material

Another important aspect that helps you in choosing the right welder is the material. A gasless MIG welder for sale provides excellent penetration and offers impressive strength; however, it depends on the machine and technique used for that purpose. Some can even go down to work well with even the thinnest of the materials, while some do not.

  • Application Position

If you're looking for applications of welding that needs out of position welding, a gas MIG welder would be a better choice. For e.g., if you need to weld a metal vertically upwards, the flux cored wire shielded with gas would have a better coating that works well with solidifying the molten welded materials quicker.

  • Welding Fumes

A gasless MIG welder produces more welding fumes as compared to gas MIG welder, but with the right protection and safety measures, it can be handled easily.


Looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of welders we can make out that a gasless MIG welder for sale offers more advantages considering the convenience of usage and simple set-up.

But also, many welders would also consider using gas MIG welder because it gives an exclusive quality of work and produces best results. Thus, the perfect option is to choose a welder that does both gas and gasless welding and there are a number of machines available in the market today offering features of both.

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