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An Essential Guide for Buying A Welding Machine

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An Essential Guide for Buying A Welding Machine

Welding was developed centuries ago by blacksmiths who heated and hammered iron and steel pieces together until they were joined. After the Second World War, welding technology began to develop rapidly.

The actual process of welding works, by melting the work pieces to be joined, adding a filler material and letting the weld cools. After this process, it forms a strong joint that is very different from the other type formed by soldering or brazing. One of the essential parts of the welding process is welding accessories. It is used for both; to perform the weld and to protect the welder.

Different Types of Welding Accessories

  • Plasma cutter standoff metal wire guard
  • Plasma torches and parts
  • Plasma cutting pilot arc torch
  • MIG and TIG torch
  • Argon gas regulator
  • Auto darking welding helmet and more

If you are a DIY welder and thinking of purchasing a welding machine, then it is essential to know about different type of welding processes and how to choose the right welding machine.

Common Welding Process

  • TIG Welding Or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

TIG stands for tungsten inert gas and welding, which is one of the most efficient welding options in the industry. It requires the welder to use strong control for joining two pieces of metal. By using the lower amperage in the TIG welding process it can work with thinner pieces of metal easier and less susceptible to the damage. Also, it is mainly used to weld titanium, copper and even two different metals.

  • MIG Welding Or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding is also known as metal active gas welding (MAG). It is renowned as an arc welding process in which a solid wire electrode or a non-reactive gas is fed through a welding gun. As a result, the two base materials are joined together and protect the weld pool from contamination. It can use to weld all types of commercially available metals and alloys. If you are looking for a range of semi-automatic or automatic welders for sale, then opt for MIG welding machine.

  • Stick welding or Arc welder

Stick welding is also renowned as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) or portable welder. In this process two metals are joined together using electricity to create enough heat to melt the metal. After it cools, it results in a binding of the metals. Arc welder is widely used for various arc welding processes, which utilises a fixed length electrode and an electric power source to join a variety of different metals. If you are searching for an extremely versatile process in terms of location and environment for the operation, then arc welder for sale is the best for you.

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Welding Machine

As a DIY welderor a metal fabricator, you should be familiar with various aspects of selecting the suitable welding machine. Consider the below-mentioned points to select the right welding machine:

  • Access The Nature Of Metal

Carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium are the three elements commonly used in a welding process. Carbon steel has the capacity to handle the excess heat, thus compatible with a majority of the welding machines. Stainless steel is suitable for storing beverage or edible items as it has the ability to resist corrosion, thus used with TIG or MIG welding machine. And the aluminium needs a uniform supply of heat, so requires more complex welding machines.

As all the elements have different nature of working, it would be best that you access the metal that you wish to conjoin before selecting a welding machine.

  • Analyse Compressed-Gas Requirements

The different type welding process requires different compressed gas. Carbon dioxide, argon and oxygen are popularly used compressed gas while performing welding process. So, analyse your compressed-gas need and then rely on the particular welding machine.

  • Refer To The Spec Sheet

Considering spec sheet can help you to understand several things critical to differentiating a good welding machine from another. Also, you can measure how much of continuous welding a machine can execute in a span of ten minutes. It allows knowing about the number of minutes that you can weld per standard interval of ten minutes. If you exceed the required limit, then it may heat up the machine and causes damage to the internal circuitry.


Considering the above guidelines could be very helpful in buying a welding machine. If you are looking for quality welders for sale or a wide range of exclusive portable welders, then Lotos Technology Australia is the perfect destination for you. We offer a wide selection of welding machines and after-sale service. You can view our range of  TIG & MIG weldersPlasma Cutters, or other Welding Accessories.

If you still have any further questions or need help with picking the right welding machine, contact us at 03 5900 5556.  

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