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How to Save Money on Your MIG Guns?

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Minimising downtime, reducing the need for parts replacements and preventing the re-work are some of the cost-saving tips that you must target while using the MIG welder.

Apart from these cost-saving tips, there are a few important considerations when you choose a MIG gun. Choosing a right one can help you lower your operating costs. So, what are those considerations? Let’s take a look:

Tip #1- Protect Your Consumables Properly

It is important to employ proper storage and handling practices to avoid costly damage. When you get MIG welder for sale, it is recommended to keep the assets in their original packaging until they are ready for use. Placing these components elsewhere may increase the risk of dents or scratch. Similarly, unpacking the retaining heads or contact tips and storing them in open can cause dirt or oil accumulation.

So, to avoid such unnecessary expenses and time-consuming re-work, it is best to keep the nozzles, gas diffusers and contact tips packed and intact until used.

Tip #2 - Choose the Most Appropriate Neck

Selecting the right neck can increase comfort and control. Additionally, it also saves money. For instance, the rotatable necks can adjust easily without tools. This allows you to change the neck angles quickly, as and when required by loosening a plastic ring and then tightening it after determining the desired position. So, you should opt for the rotatable necks when your work demands to weld on many different angles and applications throughout the day.

Similarly, you can consider neck coupler for hard-to-reach areas or flex necks for applications with tighter joints. In short, choosing the right neck will, in turn, help you minimise the costs of inventory and changeover.

Tip #3 - Inspect, Clean and Tighten Frequently

Performing regular inspections is yet another tip to save money while using MIG welder. Look for spatter build-up for both, inside and outside of your nozzle. In case of accumulation, clean it with a tool that is specifically designed for the job. You can even replace the nozzle when required. While carrying out the regular inspections, it is also essential to check that the nozzle, contact tip and retaining head are tightened properly.

Carrying out regular inspections will ensure you with a good shielding gas coverage, consistent electrical conductivity and unvarying weld quality.

Tip #4 - Trim and Install the Right MIG Gun Liner

Make sure to trim your MIG gun liner as per the manufacturer's recommendations. This can be done by using the correct tools and cutting it to the precise length. If the gun liner is too long, it can twist and if it is too short, it will allow the debris to build up between the liner and the gas diffuser. In both these conditions, it can cause poor wire feeding as well as premature failure of the liner and the contact tip.

It is recommended to use a liner gauge to determine the proper length for your respective liner. Also, your hands or gloves must be clean and the liner must be kept away from the contaminants during the installation. These precautions can help you prevent costly weld quality issues.

Tip #5 - Select the Right Cable Length

It is best to use the shortest length MIG gun cable as this will minimise the chance of twisting and premature wear of both, the cable and the MIG gun liner. Additionally, a right length of the cable will prevent poor weld quality as well as unnecessary downtime for re-work as the wire-feeding problems won't exist.

You should choose the correct diameter liner and contact tip for the welding wire. This can help prevent similar issues while extending the asset life.

Tip #6: Invest Wisely in Consumables

Less expensive consumables do not always help you save money. While getting the MIG welder for sale, select the consumables based on their longevity and not their price. This can help you reduce your cost of replacing parts and transfer process. It is best to get the durable consumables as they will contribute in not only reducing your overall operating costs but also help in increasing productivity and reducing the downtime.

Sometimes, spending a little more, in the beginning, can actually help you save significantly while getting a quality weld.

MIG Welders for Sale

These tips can prove you to be of a great help while getting the MIG welders. All you need is a to be equipped with the cost-saving techniques in addition to have the knowledge of the correct welder, your operator requirements and the desired comfort.

If you are in search of MIG welders for sale, Lotos Technology Australia can be of a great help. Explore the options online and our professionals can further assist you with the welding tools according to your requirements. You can even contact our team at 03 5900 5556 in case of any queries. 

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