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5 Essential Tips for Creating a Good Weld

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How to create good weld

Welding or weld is a well-known concept which was started just before the end of the nineteenth century. It is a fabrication procedure in which it melts the workpieces to be joined, adding a filler material and letting the weld cools. Electric arc, an electron beam, a gas flame, friction, ultrasound, and a laser are the energy sources used in the welding process.

Increasing Demand for Welding

From car manufacturing to the erection of buildings, welding is used everywhere. The sectors which use welding the most are automobile manufacturing line, in the development of cruise liners and in the train tracks. With this, the demand for different types of welders (equipment used for the purpose of welding) including MIG welders (Metal Inert Gas), TIG welders (Tungsten Inert Gas) or ARC welders also increased. These welders are mainly used to weld or joint two metals or alloys together using another metal component as filler.

Are you a DIY Welder and wondering how to create a good weld? Here are a few important tips to help you with the welding process.

1.Check Your Welding Machine Power Source

Before power up your welding machine power source, it is important to have the correct settings on your welding machine. This will place a huge impact on the quality of your weld. If you want to ensure that your machine is getting required power, then check the label on the machine. To get the perfect weld, avoid using extension cords and heavy gauge cords. Also, keep in mind that every WIA (welding industries of Australia) products come with a product data sheet that will enable you to determine the optimum settings for your weld.

2.Choose The Accurate Welding Machine

Considering there are so many options available for welding equipment, it becomes a bit confusing to select the correct welders for your project. MIG, TIG and stick welding are the commonly used welding equipment. To make an evaluation of the welding machine, consider the factors like the type of material being welded, the thickness of the material, type of welding power source and time requirement. This makes it easier for you to select the perfect welding machine according to your application to get the perfect end result.

3.Make Sure Your Equipment Is Clean

Another essential step in the process to create a good weld is to ensure that all your welding equipment is thoroughly clean. Any rust, oil or paint can cause the contamination and will result in a poor weld. Therefore, before you start the welding process, brush all your materials, surfaces and equipment, to ensure everything is clean.

4.Take Safety Precautions

The first thing to consider is to make sure you use the right safety gear. If you want to prevent any injury caused by fire, explosions or electric shock, then opt for the safety essentials including helmets, shields, protective clothing, gloves and more. Also, make sure to keep your area safe by covering or removing all flammable objects. This way you can have a safe welding process.

5.Adjust your machine for every weld

Check your reference chart and follow the instructions in order to adjust the voltage and wire feed according to every weld needs. Also, it is advisable to make several practice welds on some scrap metal to ensure comfort with the machine settings. You can consider the welding machines like MIG/GMAW, as they have the ability to set the optimal parameters automatically based on the material thickness and wire diameter. This will allow you to focus on proper technique while achieving a smooth welding process.


In order to create the perfect weld, quality welders and correct techniques are essential. Considering above-mentioned tips can help you create the perfect weld. If you are looking for the high-quality welders, then Lotos Technology Australia is the definite choice for you. We offer industrial and consumer-based portable welders.

Currently, we offer both TIG welders and MIG welders. We offer 12 months of parts and labour warranty for all our products. We know that many customers worry about buying online, with our company policy, if any service is needed within the warranty period, we will pay the two-way shipping fee to do the service. We can promise this because we are confident in our products.

So, create a perfect weld using our best multi-purpose welders. Call us at 03 5900 5556 for more information.

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